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You & Your 

Appraisal Business

Many Appraisers sacrifice their health for the sake of their business. I've been guilty of it too! 

That's why I wrote this special report to share the 4 keys to better health, my top 10 tips for everyday health (it's what I do!), and... my personal come-back story.

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Thank you for sharing this report. As always, it demonstrates your passion for helping other appraisers to achieve their best life. I found the nitric flush exercises to be of particular interest and the mantra suggestion to be inspiring. Stay strong and thank you for what you do Ron.

Jason F.

Thanks for doing this. I know and do most of these things, but like the mental health exercise part and the mantra. Also you've inspired me to drink my water. My wife does this. We have a glass of lemon water every morning. But she drinks water throughout the day but I don't. I play basketball twice a week but am going to look into the nitric oxide dump routine. Thanks again.

John A.

Wow Ron! Homerun!!!! I actually went back and read it a second time. The personal side of your experience was a great inclusion to the report. I am literally going for a two mile walk right now. The weather is 30 degrees here in Illinois. I really enjoy the group and though we have never met I feel like I know you guys for years. I have to admit that I have not been exercising and your report is just the motivation that I needed. Thanks!

Scott C.

I've done many reviews, had been studying that this might be a legitimate transition for me after 17 years appraising and struggling with the frustrations of the original appraiser job. His course gave me almost immediate confidence. I'm just very grateful for this and Ron's transparency and honesty...so down to earth.

Lynn K.

I registered for your desktop training a few years ago. It paid for itself many times over and I enjoyed the program and the ability it gave to complete desktop assignments.

Lawrence G.

Last week I was promoted to Chief Appraiser. I will now be “herding” about 10 appraisers. I can’t thank Ron enough for all of his “review” knowledge as I know that I am a better appraiser for it and hope that I can continue to impart his knowledge to my new team!

Karen P.


My name is Ron Maloney and I did my first appraisal in 1982, when I was 25 years old. Back in the day I was the new kid on the block.

Now, I’m a grizzled veteran Appraiser who has learned how to survive and prosper in both changing and challenging times.

I’ve done field work, owned and operated an appraisal company for almost 2 decades and worked in the review department of one of the largest banks in the country.

In my 40 year appraisal career I have never been sued, had a license suspended or revoked, been censored, fined or even had a lender file a complaint against me.

But more importantly...