Desktop Valuation Business  
and Lifestyle Event 3.0


From St. Augustine, FL | February 5ᵗʰ & 6ᵗʰ 2022

For New and

Veteran Appraisers 

A one-of-a-kind training to take your business to the
next level -
No matter where you’re at right now


I launched my first program for Appraisers back in 2014 called "How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews". It was a simple but effective audio program that opened the door for Appraisers to utilize their expertise with the "desktop" side of appraisal. I still get members to this day who tell me they listen to and refer to it!

a monthly coaching program; The Appraisers Success Group

In-person seats have already sold-out but you can now attend this exclusive training from your home!

The two day training will take place at the 


Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

  • Speed-up report writing by making quicker decisions
  • Quickly uncover red flags and know what effect they may have
  • Be able to distinguish between true risk factors and deficiencies, and how to handle each
  • Ways to identify unsupported, missing and/or inadequate adjustments
  • Become more confident by being able to provide bulletproof, supportable and defensible valuations
  • Decrease liability by knowing what you should put in and leave out of a report
  • How to set-up your argument, support your opinion and limit liability
  • Real-live example reviews to be studied
  • My templates and tools to complete write-ups efficiently and effectively
  • How to perform desktop appraisals
  • Healthy tools and habits for better focus and concentration
  • And more!


    • 2 Days of Desktop Valuation Business and Lifestyle Training
    • All materials will be accessible ahead of the training for you to review and download as you need
    • My personal, time-saving templates for efficient and effective write-ups (my students say they're priceless!)
    • Access to the recording and all materials after the training
    • Direct connection to clients who are actively adding appraisers to their desktop panel


    Desktop Valuation Business and Lifestyle Event 3.0

          TRAINING TIMELINE      

    More details will be released closer to the event


    In addition to gaining the skills to become a better Desktop Appraiser we will discuss business strategies, personal development and health. All so you can have a long-term, highly profitable desktop business.

    This training will be unique and fun. You’ll leave inspired, motivated and most importantly, with the skills needed to perform these types of assignments.

    Attendees from our 2018 Desktop Valuation Blueprint Event in Carmel, CA

    Testimonials from Past Live Trainings:

    My son and I enjoyed being part of your special group, and feel it went well beyond our expectations. The quality of the whole content and discussions were awesome. The people were fantastic individuals also, and that includes both of you of course. Ron, I appreciate the way you interacted with my son, you are such a good role model for him as a newbie appraiser.

    Carolyn B.

    Appraiser in CA

    Fantastic educational experience. Planned, and taught by truly caring individuals. Thank you Ron & Lacey. We are now ready to embrace our futures as Real Estate Appraisers throughout the United States.

    Don P.

    Appraiser in CA

    I am about half way through Day 1. I am printing out the reports so I have them in front of me while watching the video again. Still working on shifting my focus to 'just risk factors' instead of all areas - like I have been reviewing the past 25 years! Thanks again.

    Barry W.

    Appraiser in WA

    Thank you Ron and Lacey for such a wonderful and rewarding event. It was an honor to meet you, participate and meet a great group of professional and diverse peers!

    Susan B.

    Appraiser in NC

    I am so very thankful for the opportunity which you gave us. I want to personally thank you Ron and your great wife, Lacey. God bless all who were there.

    Tom D.

    Appraiser in AR

    I was going to retire but miss the money and keeping my mind active.  This could be very nice working from home, doing something I really enjoy.  The program you have put together is really good and I feel very comfortable with the examples you provided along with all of the commentary. Incidentally, regarding the call last week, it never before occurred to me that I don't really know the condition of comps and that's one reason to reconcile on more than one comparable. Thanks for everything.

    Ida F.

    Appraiser in FL

    We're looking forward to it!

    February 5th & 6th, 2022

    - Ron & Lacey Maloney