Desktop Valuation Business and Lifestyle Training 3.0

Bonus Live Training February 5th & 6th 2022

Here's some of what we'll cover:

The main risk factors found in reports (the ones clients expect you to look for!)
The 4 ways to support your opinion when you disagree
Examination of my newest and most advanced review process using real example reports
How to write bullet-proof reviews that get minimal clarification requests and challenges to your opinion of value
My unique process of the "Reviewer's Mindset" to improve your efficiency performing both field and desktop appraisals
Techniques for better focus and energy to complete assignments
 How to get desktop assignments, and so much more!

Plus Presentation from Our Sponsor; Accurate Group

Tony Pistilli, Director, Valuations Operations | Chief Appraiser at ValueNet and AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, will discuss;

Impact of FHFA decision on appraising
Ways to become geographically competent to add additional coverage area
How to stay out of trouble with desktop valuations
Types of desktop products you may want to consider to expand your business
Overview of ValueNet's products and platform and how to join their panel

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What Appraisers have said about my programs:

My son and I enjoyed being part of your special group, and feel it went well beyond our expectations. The quality of the whole content and discussions were awesome. The people were fantastic individuals also, and that includes both of you of course. Ron, I appreciate the way you interacted with my son, you are such a good role model for him as a newbie appraiser."

Carolyn B - CA

Thank you for your group. It has had a positive impact on me. Honestly, more than I ever thought. I joined the group because I was burnt out on field work. I just wanted to learn other ways to make money in appraising. I have been getting so much more than that out of the sessions. You both have expanded my thinking as to where I ultimately want to be (physically and mentally) and where I want my business to go. You're doing great things with your teaching and I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you both.

Ty S - PA 

Thank you very much! I just want to let you know that DVB 2.0 class was the best class I have ever taken for appraisal. The difference was, I saw how much you strived to "teach" rather than "presenting" the material and get over with it! Thank you!

John O - FL

My work and income have increased since I joined thanks to Ron and Lacey

Mark B - CA

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