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If you want to shorten your learning curve and maximize your income in less time, then join Private Group Coaching.

Get Ongoing Support, Training, Motivation & More...

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What is Private Group Coaching?

  • PGC focuses on live demos of real, not theoretical, desktop appraisals, desktop reviews, BPOs and the new hybrid and "As-Repaired" Valuations (ARVs) chosen from jobs I receive everyday.
  • We go over unique and tough jobs for more advanced training as well as the occasional "easy" job to demonstrate the importance of remembering the basics and where to apply it.
  • These sessions are in a webinar style, visual format so you can see the job I'm discussing on your computer screen.
  • You have the option to listen in on your computer's speakers or on the phone. You can type questions in the chat box or ask me over the phone.
  • All sessions are recorded and saved in the Private Group Coaching Members area.
  • And you can now stay updated, connect with fellow members and receive support in-between sessions with our new private Facebook Group!
  • In addition to example reports

    we'll also cover:

    • Business Development and Marketing
    • Health and Personal Development
    • And Much More Informative Content

    And you'll be the first to know about:

    • New Client Contacts including product trainings
    • In-person training events.
    • Motivation and Inspiration

    PGC will help you:

    • Clarify questions you may have about doing Desktop Reviews and Appraisals, as well as reconciliation work.
    • Advance your knowledge, confidence and skills so that you become fully capable of running a highly profitable business from your desk (or anywhere!).
    • Gain a sense of community, have input and not feel like you are “on an island by yourself,” as some have described.

    Private Group Coaching Sessions are held

    Twice a month on Wednesdays at 1:30pm Pacific (4:30pm Eastern)

    Sessions are recorded and archived in the Private Group Coaching (members only) page of the program site for your referral.

    Upcoming sessions: June 5 & June 19, 2019

    Limited Time Offer

    Here's what students have to say:

    While the course and PGC classes were advertised and centered around "Appraisal Review", it has morphed into much more: Health and Personal Development /Motivation, Marketing etc. I am getting so much for my $ than I ever envisioned, and I have to believe most of your other students are too. Being healthy and positive, changing with the times, learning how to get business etc. - they all are key components to operating a successful business (not just the mechanics of reviewing reports). Have a good week.

    Jim J. WI

    I have been in attendance to all of the private group coaching sessions and I have been taking copious amounts of notes. I have been enjoying these classes a great deal and I have been learning a lot. Looking forward to starting a new direction in my appraisal career. I really have a lot of confidence that this is a very good move for me. With appreciation and gratitude.

    Michael M. CA

    Ron, To me you are my Vince Lombardi…you’re my coach and mentor. I put you in the same class as Lombardi for motivation and teaching, but you are more patient and compassionate. You have so much to offer and desire to share… it comes through naturally. I’ve benefited so much already and know I’ll get more results professionally but it’s more than that …you guys teach a holistic approach to work/life because you care. You’ve changed my life financially and, by extension, my whole family has benefited. You and Lacey make a great team.

    Bart T. FL

    I wanted to first thank you for the information you shared with the class regarding reviewing, writing appraisals, formatting, marketing, health, etc. I really like how you put together your work day and how you approach your job. It seems very efficient, practical and pragmatic. This opportunity you presented has been very beneficial to me in how I have been doing things. I am focusing more on desktops and reviews and laying off as much field work as possible. It is also important for me to have my down time. I like to surf, hike and work out plus grow a lot of my own food and so health is an important factor. It was interesting to hear you and your wife discuss the health issues and stress related topics that can come up in appraisal as well as similar professions. As I go over the previous calls and lessons, I again want to give you a big Mahalo, (thank you) for all that effort. Best wishes and a healthy life.

    Dan M. HI

    If you have any questions about Private Group Coaching just send us an email: help@theappraiseradvocate.com