Before I was an Appraiser Advocate, I was a Health Advocate.

In fact, I was teaching physical education right before I went to help my father with his Appraisal business, which grew so quickly I never went back to teaching.

Health remains a passion of mine and I truly believe in the saying:

Health is Wealth

Naturally, when my wife was considering becoming a Health Coach I was her biggest supporter. She helps keep me up to date on workouts, supplements (so I don’t go overboard) and what to eat (also so I don’t go overboard -no more Hershey bars, now it’s the 88% stuff, it grows on you a little, just a little).

All the products and resources I recommend are from my own personal use or from my wife’s go-to recommendations she has used with her own clients.

The links on this page are Affiliate links which means if you make a purchase from here, I will receive a small percentage of money for recommending the product. You will still pay the same price whether you purchased it through here or through the company’s website directly.
I use these Tiger Balm patches on my neck and lower back for occasional soreness or tension. They’re my favorite when I can feel a headache coming on.
This white noise machine is easy to customize to the right type of sound and volume you need. It has multiple types of white fan noises and 10 volume levels. We prefer this over the Dohm brand we used to use.
This heating pad is great after a full day of work and/or after push-ups! It’s large enough to reach my neck and shoulders too. It has multiple heat settings and a 2 hour automatic shut-off.
I’m between contacts and glasses throughout the day, plus lots of computer work can strain my eyes. This helps with dryness and actually relieves tiredness after a full day.
We use Xlear nasal spray to prevent catching a cold on airplanes or in dry climate (ie: cold, dry NY winters). Keeping sinuses hydrated can prevent a cold or other virus from entering the nasal passages.
Glucose and Ketone test strips (30 Each) for the Precision Xtra Glucose and Ketone meter.
Precision Xtra Glucose AND Ketone meter. Tests both with one meter. Comes with a lancet device but I recommend to buy better quality one separately.
Quality and cost effective lancet device. Easy to use and easy to replace lancets.
A low density foam roller is preferred over a high density roller for muscle tension and connective tissue release. I use this on my back, legs and arms to release tension. Almost as good as a massage.
Life Extension offers a wide variety of laboratory tests that can be ordered without a doctor. We use this to do much of our testing since we can order tests for a more comprehensive wellness check that a doctor will not feel is necessary to order or may have to refer you to a specialist to order. Life Extensions also provides telephone consultations to review your lab results with a doctor.
Our favorite sleep aid to get back into a healthy cycle. We like the chewable form to better control the dose. Just 1/4 of one tablet (yep, that’s only 0.375mg of melatonin) is enough to get us sleepy and stimulate the body to produce its own melatonin for a full nights’ sleep.
We take a serving of Calm Magnesium in the evening. It’s good for relaxation and replenishing the body of magnesium which is readily used by the body but depleted in our natural source; soil.
C&F Seasonal Support clears sinuses and congestion right away and shortens the duration of cold/flu. A 1oz bottle is about perfect for getting through one cold/flu more quickly (we keep the 4oz version of this on hand). We like to mix it with just a little hot water for extra immediate relief.
Easy to add this to coffee or other beverage. Has no real flavor but can make food taste bland. This dissolves easily in hot or cold. Great for the skin and joints!
Rhodiola is part of the adaptogen family of herbs meaning it helps your body come back into balance (adapt). If you’re tense or under stress it helps you calm down without feeling groggy. If you feeling sluggish it helps bring energy and clarity without jitters.
Green Pastures is our favorite brand for purity and freshness. In addition to omega-3s, cod liver oil also contains a natural source of vitamins A & D. The cinnamon and mint flavors are our favorite.
Methylated B-12 and Folate are superior forms of these b-vitamins because they are already in their bioavailable forms. B6 is complimentary to methyl b-12 and folate. B-12 is best absorbed orally or intravenous.
Since the needs of the microbiome change with age, Renew Life has a specific blend for over 50 –this is what Ron takes!
Great for daily microbiome support. Renew Life has is one of our go to, reliable brands of probiotics -Lacey takes this one! 
Excellent for relaxing the mind and heart. Useful for calming and relaxation in the evening after a stressful day.

Use this link for 25% off your first order. Thrive Market has a growing variety of healthy foods and body care products -many of the same items we used to buy at Whole Foods -but cheaper and they usually deliver within 2 days. They’re now offering curated “clean” wine bundles which we buy. They’re doing meats now as well but we haven’t tried them yet since we’re happy with Butcher Box.
Use this link for free bacon for life! Butcher Box sources from free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and pastured pork. We get a variety box delivered every other month.
The only seasoning you’ll ever need. Use it on almost everything to make simple, healthy dinners in no-time. ie: Season a chicken breast on both sides. Brown in an oven safe pan for 4 mins on each side. Pop in a 400 degree oven for 12-18 mins depending on thickness. The juiciest, tastiest meat! Do the same with a steak but cook for less time (about 10-15mins).
Our favorite natural granola for low-carb/keto. It also includes chicory root fiber, an important prebiotic. We add additional nuts, seeds and coconut flakes to reduce the sweetness from stevia and monk fruit. Great alone or with unflavored almond milk.
Our favorite dark chocolate. It’s  smooth and not chalky like some of the very dark chocolates can be. At 88% dark chocolate it is relatively low in sugar and high in flavor. We have 3 squares every evening, and with its rich flavor that’s about the max anyhow. Thrive Market also sells this.
We like our coffee but we don’t like to rely upon caffeine for energy. This coffee is free from mold that can grow on coffee beans and tastes delicious!
This probiotic is a special heat resistant strain and the tea tastes great too, hot or cold. It’s particularity good for digestive regularity and the tea bags are travel friendly! We buy a case of 6 boxes because it’s more cost effective and can never seem to find this one in our local stores.

An interesting, inspiring and practical book about how to harness your motivation from within. Great book for anyone having a hard time keeping a healthy routine.
Excellent and informative book about the ketogenic diet. A recommended read for anyone looking to understand the why and how of a ketogenic. Written by a keto pioneer Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman M.D.
A deeper look at the ketogenic diet and how it can be used to help repair mitochondria and help treat or prevent disease. Dr. Mercola recommends a cyclic (seasonal) ketogenic diet for general health.