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Dear Fellow Appraiser,

The Appraisal profession is at the crossroads of change and reinvention. We’re faced with lots of challenges, perhaps more than at any point in our careers. 

The use of big data, and eventually artificial intelligence will forever change the landscape of residential appraising.

Fannie Mae is collaborating with Freddie Mac on updating the Uniform Appraisal Database (UAD) and appraisal forms. They’re also working independently on the modernization of the appraisal process. 

AMC’s control the majority of residential mortgage work and most pay low fees. Some have gone out of business often paying Appraisers late if at all, and others are on the verge of failure.

Fledgling lenders seem to come and go as work ebbs and flows, leaving Appraisers not knowing where or when their next order is coming from. 

Investors have their own set of guidelines to contend with. Some require two values; an “as is” value and “as repaired” value, and also want the Appraiser to analyze renovation budgets.

Appraisals are waived in certain loan situations, even more now due to the corona virus.

There’s been an increasing demand for alternative valuations, particularly hybrid appraisals, which many Appraisers are against doing and can be risky.

And Fannie Mae has their own desktop appraisal, the 1004P, which relies on information and facts about the subject property that were previously collected.

With a general lack of leadership in the profession including the lack of direction from the appraisal organizations, conflicting viewpoints and Big Business driving the appraisal profession, it’s easy to be confused and wonder what’s going on now... and with the future of appraisal.

Some Appraisers have become so frustrated that they’re questioning if they chose the right profession, and are even considering doing something else.

One colleague is so worried he recently told me, “I am scared as an Appraiser that I will not have a job that I worked so hard to be able to have”. 

So what can you do without having to figure it out all on your own or giving up and starting all over?


  • ➢ Become a member of the Appraisers Success Group and take part in private group coaching

Over the past 6 years I've been helping Appraisers have better businesses through my online coaching program.

Now I'm extending an invitation for you to join us in our live monthly coaching sessions!

"Thanks so much! This has been such a helpful and informative forum for me. Helped kick start my next chapter. Thanks Ron!"
- Linda S

I'll show you how to deal with appraisal issues based on over 30 years of wide ranging experience.

In each session we discuss the current climate of the appraisal profession, its challenges and new opportunities.

Typically I go over an example appraisal that I reviewed for quality and risk. These reviews range in scope, complexity and geography.

Members get to experience my review process, including the red flags, risk factors and deficiencies I look for.

They find that developing a "Reviewer's mindset" has a dual advantage; it enables them to write better reports and they gain the skills to do review work too.

Another benefit of this unique training; you'll learn where the real liability lies in doing appraisals which can help keep you out of trouble.

Here I am teaching members at our live training in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. As a member you're eligible to attend live events like this one, or our virtual events because of COVID!

“The group keeps me in the loop. Since I have been a member so many things have changed and private group coaching is always there and these changes are open to discussion”.
- Janet R.

As a member of our group you will be part of a community of Appraisers and be able to gain from their collective experiences and insight.

Our online sessions have been described as a “safe place” to talk, ask questions and get immediate feedback, and to share and learn new things with your peers.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, as well as participate in discussions on a variety of topics and “hot button” appraisal issues. Of course, you can remain in the background if you prefer.

“I feel like I am part of a large office of Appraisers who are willing to share knowledge to improve each and every Appraiser’s work, I would like to thank you for your generosity of all your knowledge. I feel through your examples and review of appraisals I have improved my ability as an Appraiser”.

- Jim D.

We also have segments on health, including mental well being and personal development, which can motivate and inspire you.

My wife is a health coach and for several years I taught health and physical education. We are health and fitness advocates and have benefited from making health a priority.

These segments have been very well received and are centered around issues unique to the appraisal profession, as well as the challenges many of us aging Appraisers face like fatigue, lack of focus or loss of enthusiasm.

Other topics like business and marketing strategies are taught, which can help you make more money by getting better clients and consistent workflow. 

Time management and the importance of planning are discussed, which can help you stay focused, be more efficient, meet deadlines and get everything done so you can still “have a life”.

We even invite guest speakers on our calls, including potential clients.

“While the classes were originally advertised and centered around Appraisal Review, they have morphed into much more: Health and Personal Development/Motivation marketing etc. I am getting so much for my $ than I ever envisioned, and I have to believe most of your other students are too. Being healthy and positive, changing with the times, learning how to get business etc. -they all are key components to operating a successful business not just the mechanics of reviewing reports.”
- Jim J.

Members are wide ranging in age, come from varied backgrounds and include all levels of licensure

Our members do a variety of appraisal work, represent all major organizations and hold licenses in almost all of the continental United States, as well as Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

We even have MAI’s, USPAP instructors, Appraisal Magistrates, State Board Members and Appraisers who have worked for FNMA among those enrolled in my coaching program.

Many have remained in our program for years because they enjoy it and feel they receive great value, and some have achieved success even beyond what I thought was possible.

I share this with you not to boast, but simply to illustrate that I have an intimate understanding of what it takes to achieve success in this profession and more importantly, help you achieve the level of success you want.

“Listened to the July 3 recording yesterday. As usual, informative and interesting. Thanks for all you do.”
- Scott C.

My success would not have been possible without the benefit of working with savvy colleagues and having great mentorship

My father and I, as well as my younger brother owned an appraisal company we started in 1982. Within a few years we developed it into an appraisal “shop”, a term commonly used back in the day to describe large appraisal companies.

It was there that I experienced firsthand the benefit of working together with other Appraisers, as well as the value of mentorship.

Buddy Maloney at Classic Appraisals, circa 1985

One day I remember my dad looking over at me from his desk and exclaiming “do you realize the education we are getting working with so many different Appraisers”! He was so right.

We reviewed all assignments completed by our Appraisers and learned so much by seeing how they wrote their reports. And if I had a question on one of my own jobs, I could get another Appraiser's input and leverage their experience.

We had discussions on a wide variety of appraisal subjects. Some days we might talk about the inspection process or how to correctly fill out the 1004 form for example, or how to make market derived adjustments.

It seems we often debated the existence of external obsolescence and its impact, probably because we did such a high volume of jobs in urban and mixed areas which contain a variety of improvements and types of transit systems.

I remember learning how to support my reports with commentary from an “old timer” named Jim Avery, who seemed like a “wizard” when it came to writing comments that would pass muster with underwriters.

We worked hard at our appraisal office but we also had a lot of fun. And being able to learn from each other was priceless; it formed the foundation of my appraisal career.

Later in my career I had the opportunity to learn even more from my peers when I worked alongside many experienced Appraisers at JP Morgan Chase.

I was surprised at how much I gained from this employment since I already had a lot of experience and was considered a Senior Appraiser at this point. But there’s always more to learn, especially in a profession which is continually changing.

It's unfortunate that so few companies exist today that can offer learning experiences like I had.

Today the majority of Appraisers work by themselves and can feel like they’re “left in the dark”, sometimes having more questions than answers.

Some never had the opportunity to learn from fellow Appraisers or receive mentorship like I did.

“Ron is a very knowledgeable and ethical Appraiser."

Laura L.

Now you can become a member of our community when you join the Appraisers Success Group

I know that being a member of our group can be a great help to you.

You can benefit by being a part of this community, regardless of the type of work you do or whether you're a relative beginner or experienced Appraiser.

Or whether you're looking to reinvigorate your career, want help with the changes and challenges we face.

“The call was great! From how to build a business to how present your report... everything you touched on is what I’ve used to build my business. I’ve learned it all from you!”
- Bart T.

  • The Appraisers Success Group Membership includes:

    • Two 90 minute Live Monthly Training Calls 

    • All calls are recorded so you can listen to the replay if you can't attend live
  • • Transcriptions provided for quick reference
  • • 1-4F, Co-op & Condo Appraisal Critique
    • Example Appraisal Reports of assignments I’ve completed
  • • Appraisal critique and better report writing
    • Desktop Reviews and Desktop Appraisals

    • Quality Control and Reconciliation work
  • • Segments on Health and Personal Development
    • Trainings on Business Development, Marketing Strategies and Profitable Niches
    • Q&A
  • • Guest Speakers

  • Plus...
    • Get questions answered between sessions in our supportive, private Facebook Group
    • Discounts on 1-on-1 and advanced coaching
    • Eligible to attend our Live and Online Events
    • And more!

Desktop Valuation Blueprint BONUS!

(a $297 value)

For the first time I'm giving all new members my unique Blueprint training for FREE!

The Desktop Valuation Blueprint is a 3+ hour video training divided into two parts; one on Review work and another on Desktop Appraisals.


It includes example reports and my unique list of Red Flags, Risk Factors and Deficiencies 

(an invaluable tool to speed-up your process 

that you won't find anywhere else)!

This was recorded at our training event in Carmel, CA and normally sells for $297, but it's yours 

 FREE, when you join

the Appraisers Success Group!

You get immediate access to this training when you join!

You'll receive comprehensive training and mentoring is only $39.95 per month. But don't let the low price make you think less of our membership. It can help you get past any difficulties you might be having and can be invaluable to your success, regardless of where you're at in your career or business.

There’s no contract, fine print or up-sell and you can cancel at anytime.

Keep On Punchin'-
Ron Maloney

Me teaching at our training event in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

P.S. This is the least expensive and the best coaching of its kind. The only comparable appraiser coaching program I know of costs nearly a hundred dollars a month. So if this is something that interests you take advantage now and become a member..

P.P.S. Bonus! Join now and get instant access to my unique Desktop Valuation Blueprint (a $297 value)! It's yours FREE when you join.

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