Desktop Valuation Blueprint 2.0

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Thank you very much! I just want to let you know that DVB 2.0 class was the best class I have ever taken for appraisal. The difference was, I saw how much you strived to "teach" rather than "presenting" the material and get over with it! Thank you!

John O - FL

I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed and learned from your program. Seeing the appraisal through the eyes of a reviewer has been a great learning experience so not only have I learned about reviews and desktop products but I am learning how to be a better appraiser.

Antonia D - CA

Ron Maloney, Appraiser and Coach

A pioneer in the desktop appraisal world, Ron has created several online programs to help Appraisers have more successful and fulfilling businesses. He provides ongoing training and support to Appraisers nationwide, in the Appraisers Success Group.

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