My name is Ron Maloney and I did my first appraisal in 1982, when I was 25 years old. Back in the day I was the new kid on the block.

Now, I’m a grizzled veteran Appraiser who has learned how to survive and prosper in both changing and challenging times.

I’ve done field work, owned and operated an appraisal company for almost 2 decades and worked in the review department of one of the largest banks in the country.

Me and my stylish glasses, circa 1980s.

In my 40 year appraisal career I have never been sued, had a license suspended or revoked, been censored, fined or even had a lender file a complaint against me.

But more importantly, I’ve reviewed or had input into well over 100,000 valuation reports and have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best appraisers in our profession.

Today, I work for myself doing Appraisal Reviews and it would not have been possible if it weren’t for the mentors I’ve had, especially my father whom I owe a debt of gratitude.

My father and greatest mentor, Buddy.

One summer, back in the early 1980s my dad needed help with the appraisal work he was getting.

His main focus had been selling Real Estate, but a mortgage broker, who liked to refer to himself as “Frank The Bank” was sending my dad more appraisal volume than he could handle.

He asked if I would be interested in working with him during the summertime, when I would be off from teaching.

I didn’t know anything about appraising but I wanted the opportunity to work with my father, so I said yes. I figured I would return to teaching when the new school year began.

But I was wrong… I never did go back.

Where it all started, Classic Appraisals Corp.

At first, owning an appraisal business with my father was fun and gratifying. The first few years we kept growing and gaining valuable experience. Then came 1986 and with it a real estate boom -the likes of which we had never seen! And we were in position to capitalize on it. My brother Bob began helping us out. We hired friends and business associates and others who wanted an opportunity.

Over several years our Appraisal company grew to a thriving business with two offices and 60 Appraisers serving the tri-state area. We trained the majority of our Appraisers and provided appraisal services to over 100 banks and lenders during that time. We were so busy we had the post office install a mail box at the corner of our block just so we could work up to the last minute to get the final reports in for the 5pm pick-up time.

But after 2 decades, doing field work and running a high-volume shop had taken its toll. I had become sick of the increasing pressure from lenders to hit numbers. I was burned out!

So, we sold our appraisal business.

But I wasn’t wealthy or nearly ready to retire. And the money I made from the sale of the business would only last so long.

I tried other opportunities which all turned out to be fruitless endeavors. Soon I found myself tired and running out of money. There were many days I wished we hadn’t sold the business.

My wife (and IT support) Lacey and I in Big Sur, CA.

Finally, I decided my best option was to return to the Appraisal profession, because that’s what I knew best. But rather than face the same issues as before, I would use my hard-earned appraisal knowledge and take a different path to a better business; doing Appraisal Reviews!

If I had known sooner about this unique, low-key niche, it would have saved me a lot of money and years of frustration.

In 2014 I launched The Appraiser Advocate to share my insights and perspective, and as a source of support, on-going training and even inspiration for my fellow Appraisers, so they too can survive and prosper in changing and challenging times.

-Keep on Punchin’
Ron Maloney