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I was a Health Advocate before I was an Appraiser Advocate.

In fact, I was teaching physical education just before I went to help my father with his appraisal business. But his business grew so quickly I never went back to teaching. Health still remains a passion of mine and I truly believe in the saying: Health is Wealth. My wife is a Health Coach and she helps keep me up to date on workouts, supplements, and what to eat.

Together we enjoy bringing health to the forefront of Appraisers to improve energy, focus, efficiency and overall quality of life.

All of the products we recommend are ones we personally use and find value in.

Note: Some of the links on this page are Affiliate links which means if you make a purchase from here, I may receive a small percentage of money for recommending the product. This does not increase the cost to you.


Fasting with food makes doing a fast enjoyable and do-able! Prolon has developed a science-backed nutrition system to maintain a fasted state while still getting to eat! Their food is perfectly portioned and delicous! We're surprised how much we look forward to the food and how much it satiates us during our 5-day fasts. At the end of our fasts, we feel more energetic, have more focus, are able to go longer with less food, and have reset our taste buds to not crave sugary foods or high carbohydrate foods. Fasting also has the benefit of turning on the body's clean-up system to remove old and dead cellular waste from the mitochondria; a process known as autophagy.  Use code: appraiser

Butcher Box

Use this link to get $50 Off! Butcher Box sources from free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and pastured pork. We get a variety box delivered every other month.